SUMMARY: Setting up YP slave on remote subnet

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 09:34:05 EST
Hi gurus.
I got a number of responses.  First let me say thanks to the following people:
Daniel Bird
David Foster
Raymond Jackson
Carl Marino
Darryl Baker
Daniel and Darryl really went out of their way to ask me a lot of questions about what I've tried, with what results, checking config files (like nsswitch.conf, ypservers, and others) and other very helpful things.  It seems there's always more to learn about Solaris, let alone UNIX.
Anyway.  It turns out the answer was a combination of things. First was the order of the commands I was running: first run ypinit -c on the master, then run ypstart, and finally run ypinit -s master on the slave.  The other was a new one for me in yp.  That is the securenets file in /var/yp.  That file needs to be setup correctly, otherwise, all other yp stuff will hang.  Once I got these down, yp's maps got transferred and everything worked.  Thanks so much!
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