Summary: Solairis 8 AutoMount Maps & Disk Quotas

From: Zairja <>
Date: Sat Feb 19 2005 - 23:16:13 EST
Dear Gurus,
	Thanks to Casper Dik & Darren Dunham, I can finally use
automounter maps with quotas. My Original Question is given after the summary.
The automounter is a construct to ease client mounting. Quotas are
maintained on the server, not the client. So the automounter doesn't
really do
anything with respect to quotas. Quotas are automatic. They are enforce on the
server and the client will ask about quotas using the quoat daemon.
Automounter just feeds it to the appropriate mount command. 

The "rq" option
is used for the UFS file system. Since clients will  be going for NFS mounts,
so you can use 'quota' with NFS mounts.

Thanks for Your Replies.

Apreciated :)

System Admin

My Original Question:

> Dear Gurus,
> We
are having Sun Server with T3 Storage and is acting as
> NIS Master Server for
60 SUN W/S Clients.
> Presently, we are in a process to
> impose disk
quotas to restrict the users from hogging up the disk space.
> All
> the
storage volumes created on the T3 are NFS exported to the clients and hard
mounted via the /etc/vfstab.
> I was hoping to use automount indirect maps
> easier management of the mount points. However, i couldn't find any
> on how disk quotas can be used with auto mounter maps.
> The
> configuration says that in the mount options of /etc/vfstab put the
"rq" so
> that quotas are enabled at the boot up of the system.
> Since
options can be
> provided in the indirect auto maps i could not find any
reference whether "rq"
> filed can be used with it or not.
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