SUMMARY: kick off shell script with Email

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 20:38:14 EST
Thanks to all....

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Special thanks to Francisco and Crist Clark for providing me extended

Well there are many ways this can be achieved, the only problem being a
security Risk and some have suggested using PGP encryption in the shell
script. Well if anyone can send me such script will be of great Help..

Method I


In /etc/aliases, add something like:

targetaddress: "|/path/to/your/script"

After this run newaliases and any email sent to targetaddress will kick
off the script..

Method II


Install procmail. It can downloaded from

The procmail rule you would need would probably look something like


* ^From.*sender

* ^Subject:.*scriptname

| script

Method III


Under the account on Solaris create a file named .forward in the home
directory with the following entry:

| /path/to/script

 To check email From and Subject field before triggering the script

I would have the command you send the email to check the email message.
Just checking the "From" address is probably not secure enough either.
For example, if you have this in your aliases,

runscript   |/usr/local/bin/mailcheck

A script like this checks the "From:" address and a static password
(which still probably is not secure enough, a one-time password is
probably the easiest thing to do, but beyond what I'm going to write up
as an example),

$ cat /usr/local/bin/mailcheck



$password = "your password";

$addr_match = 0;

$pwd_match = 0;

while (<>) {

      if (/^From: My Address <my_address\@example\.com>/) {

            $addr_match = 1;

      } elsif (/^password: $password$/) {

            $pwd_match = 1;



open(LOGFILE, ">/var/log/mailcheck.log");

if ($addr_match && $pwd_match) {

      print LOGFILE scalar(localtime()) . " running script, $script\n";

      exec $script ||

            print LOGFILE scalar(localtime()) . " failed to exec
$script\n"; } elsif ($addr_match) {

      print LOGFILE scalar(localtime()) . " no password or incorrect
password.\n"; } elsif ($pwd_match) {

      print LOGFILE scalar(localtime()) . " incorrect \"From\" line.\n";
} else {

      print LOGFILE scalar(localtime()) . " bad password and
\"From.\"\n"; }

Thanks a lot to all Gurus...


My original post was:

Hi Gurus,

I have a strange requirement. Hope someone can help me in this.

Is there anyway we can kick the shell script from email?

If I send an email from Blackberry or outlook Inbox to Sun Server and

after receiving the email it should kick off the shell script.

Also if Sun Server has to receive an email what needs to be done other

than starting sendmail daemon?

Any Help will be greatly appreciated.




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