SUMMARY: FSCK when a system Hard boots.

From: Andrew Luande <>
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 00:34:11 EST

Thanks for all you replies, I really appreciate the help.  I got replies
within minutes of sending the mail.  Good work.

Basically nobody advised me to run an automatic fsck at system startup.
FSCK may stuff up the system if left alone.  This was not caused by my
server just crashing but incase something should happen to power in the
building or something else.

I was advised to to turn on logging if this is Solaris 7 or later.  Do
that by adding "logging" to the options in the last column of
/etc/vfstab.  That will make UFS file systems journal and pretty much
eliminate fscking.  I agree this a much better way.

This is for logging metadata writes (not data writes).  By logging the
metadata, it can be replayed when the filesystem is remounted, so the
filesystem is consistent.  Even if the system crashes or is powered off,
the fsck should only take a few seconds.

Once again, thanks for all you suggestions and help.  I will test the
logging on my backup server and implement.


Andrew Luande


From: Andrew Luande
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 9:32 PM
To: ''
Subject: FSCK when a system Hard boots.

Hi all,

I have been doing some reading on the fsck command on my solaris server.
I have a problem I would like some help on.

When my server hard boots I get the error telling me that there are some
file systems that I have to manually run fsck for manually before the
machine boots up.

I am wondering if there is a way I can tell fsck to run with the -y
command so that it automatically tries to fix any problems it comes up
with when trying to do its boot scan.  Reason for this is that if the
system fails in the middle of the night I would like it to come back up
with as little operator intervention as possible.

When the fsck fails on system startup I will run the fsck -y command
manually anyway.

Is this advisable? I have tried to look into the documentation with not
much luck on this. Also is there anyway that I can simulate or make a
particular file system fail so that I can test this automatic check

Your help or comments are highly appreciated.


Andrew Luande
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