SUMMARY: incompatibility between VxVM 4.0 (encapsulation) and Solaris 9 or later

From: Pascal Grostabussiat <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 2005 - 01:40:32 EST
Hi all,

Thank you to the few would reply with some more information regarding
the problem I mentioned. In order for all to benefit from those
feebacks here a summary.

Michael Horton:

sun recommends NOT to use veritas on the boot partitions.
sun recommends using disksuite to mirror boot partitions.

J|rgen Rothenanger:

See SUN's Alert Notification 57636, which describes the problem.

Steve Norton:

Do you have sun patch 113073-14 installed?  If so, try backing out the
patch, which resolved the ufs logging problem for me.

David Foster:

Sun has been putting out Alerts on this for several weeks now,
apparently a patch is in the works but is certainly not timely
for this particular problem. Why they require a support contract
for this info is beyond me.

Sun Alert ID:  57636
Synopsis:      VxVM Encapsulated Disk With UFS Logging Enabled May
                Result in Persistent Warning Messages, System Panic
                or Failure to Boot
Date Released: 22-Sep-2004
Date Modified: 11-Jan-2005, 03-Feb-2005

To view this Sun Alert document please go to the following URL:
(before accessing this Sun Alert document please login to a
SunSolve Online Account with a Sun Spectrum Support Contract
at -> "Login")

I assume Veritas also has some information since VxVM causes the
problem and will investigate further with them as well.

Again, many thanks for the information!
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