SUMMARY: VxVm 3.5 - decreasing size of swapvol on encapsulated ro ot disk

From: Loris Serena <>
Date: Tue Feb 08 2005 - 09:35:56 EST
Thanks to all who replied, 

The solution that worked for me is the one proposed by Damien Kilkenny:
	vxassist shrinkby swapvol 6g



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Subject: VxVm 3.5 - decreasing size of swapvol on encapsulated root disk

Hi Folks, 

On a V480 with Solaris 9 and 16Gb RAM, I'm trying to decrease the size of
swapvol from 22Gb to 16Gb. If I try # vxresize -g rootdg swapvol 16384m I
vxvm:vxresize: ERROR:  resizing volume other than FSGEN or RAID5 can result
in loss of data. Use -f option to force resize this volume. I tried with the
-f option: it didn't complain, but it didn't do it either.

Any idea how this can be accomplished?
(even better without rebooting or going to single user mode?)

I will summarize

Thanks in advance


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