SUMMARY: CDE Startup Errors in Solaris 10

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Mon Feb 07 2005 - 19:24:30 EST
I wrote:

>Just upgraded from Solaris 9 to Solaris 10 (upgrade install).  Install
>did not report any errors, and system appears to be running ok.
>However, CDE users cannot log into their desktops.  (Java desktop works
>ok.) Pop-up error message is that "desktop messaging" can't be started, and 
>displays a list of files to check for proper reference to system's
>hostname, including /etc/ and /usr/adm/inetd.sec.

Thanks to kuba <>, who suggested something might be wrong with the 
system's IP configuration.  I ran a sys-unconfig and re-entered all the network 
details.  This resolved the CDE messaging issue, as well as the calendar manager 

(Thanks also to Andrew Gabriel, who responded to my post in comp.unix.solaris.)

In the process of flailing around, I also discovered the /etc/inet/ipnodes file 
and the reference to it in /etc/nsswitch.conf.  Not sure if this is new to 
Solaris 10. Nevertheless, adding the hostnames/addresses of the rest of my 
internal network hosts resolved some other funny name-resolution behavior I had 
been seeing as well, as name resolution of internal net hosts was being sent out 
the my ISP's DNS servers instead of being looked up in the local hosts table.
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