SUMMARY: Password Expiry

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Date: Mon Feb 07 2005 - 05:47:20 EST
Thanks to Neil Quiogue

What I have done is taken the password entries out of
/etc/default/passwd and set the expire for the accounts that I want to

I am waiting a day to see if this works.

If any knows that it doesn't or knows of a better way to do this then
let me know.


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Hello Colin,

      If you invoke -x -1 then it would turn off aging for that user.
      So it won't turn back on unless passwd is invoked again.  If
      passwd is invoked again then it would inherit the properties of

      Hope that helps.


Neil Quiogue

Monday, February 7, 2005, 5:36:58 PM, you wrote:

Ccc> Hi Neil,

Ccc> Thanks for the quick response.

Ccc> I have changed the entry in /etc/shadow by using passwd -x -1
Ccc> this takes the entries out of /etc/shadow but still aging gets
Ccc> back on ?

Ccc> Regards,
Ccc> Colin.

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Ccc> Hello Colin,

Ccc>       If you want to change future behavior of password aging on a
Ccc>       system wide basis, then yes you need to edit
Ccc>       /etc/default/passwd.

Ccc>       To change the user's password aging, you need to modify their
Ccc>       entry in /etc/shadow.  FYI, the form of each line is:

Ccc>       username:password:lastchg: min:max:warn: inactive:expire:flag

Ccc>       Applicable to you would be min,max,warn.

Ccc> Regards,

Ccc> Neil Quiogue

Ccc> Monday, February 7, 2005, 5:19:01 PM, you wrote:

Ccc>> Hi All,

Ccc>> I am trying to turn off password expiry on a server running
Ccc> 8.

Ccc>> passwd -as shows

Ccc>> username  PS    02/07/05     7    56     7

Ccc>> /etc/default/passwd is ...


Ccc>> I have run passwd -x -1 username and the entry in /etc/shadow and
Ccc> the
Ccc>> passwd -as shows the aging is turned off.

Ccc>> However after a period ( I am unsure how long ) aging seems to get
Ccc>> turned back on.

Ccc>> Do I need to change /etc/default/passwd so that all fields have -1
Ccc> ? The
Ccc>> problem with doing that is that some users I want password aging
Ccc> turned
Ccc>> on.

Ccc>> Does anybody know why this isn't turning off or what I can do to
Ccc> resolve
Ccc>> the issue ?

Ccc>> I will summarise ...

Ccc>> Thanks,
Ccc>> Colin
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