SUMMARY: How to hot swap hard disks

From: Forrest Houston <>
Date: Thu Feb 03 2005 - 17:08:26 EST
Hopefully this will work this time...  I always have problems w/ the
"SUMMARY" messages.  Anyway thanks to:

Jacob Rieper
Michael Horton

for the quick responses.  Lots of good ideas running pretty much along the
same lines but Jacob's was first[1] so I'm replying w/ his message ;)

Thanks again

[1] It also contains the command I finally found on the Sun site once I
stopped searching for "hot swap" and started w/ the more basic "solaris
administration".  It's all about using the proper search terms ;)

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At 03:38 PM 2/3/2005, you wrote:

>Apologies for coming here for what seems to be a simple question but
>searching for this on the net yields a TON of useless links (mostly sales
>links :().  Anyway I have an Enterprise 250 machine running Solaris 9 that
>I want to swap a hard drive on (actually the drive itself is in an
>external disk/"multipak").  The manual for the E250 says to consult the
>instructions for the appropriate OS... as mentioned I've been unable to
>find an easy instruction check list.  Does anyone happen to have this

You need to have /etc/system configured properly with these variables:

     For I/O Dynamic Reconfiguration:

             set pln:pln_enable_detach_suspend=1
             set soc:soc_enable_detach_suspend=1

     For CPU/memory support only:

             set kernel_cage_enable=1

The cfgadm command lets you turn things on and off for hot-swap.

Display hot-swappable devices:

     cfgadm -al

Disable hot-swap device:

     cfgadm -c unconfigure <device>

     cfgadm -c disconnect <device>

Enable hot-swap device:

     cfgadm -c connect <device>

     cfgadm -c configure <device>

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