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From: Israel novelo <>
Date: Wed Feb 02 2005 - 11:27:45 EST
Hello gurus:

    I'm sorry by this late Summary.... thanks for all your help!!

My Question was:
   I have a problem with my backups,  i have 4 servers SUn and one more
with a tape drive, i have doing this:

local  backup in every server, whit tar and gzip
copy that backup  in server with tape drive
make a  backup of every file *.tar.gz  in tape with ufsdump

my question is,  i need to make incremental backups, and full backup in
weekend, but by this schema, how use the ufsdump comman (or other), to
make a incremental backup? if the files are write remotely every day
from local backups?

And responses was:
1.- Use Amanda ,  this is a great tool !!
2.-  Use rsh , this work but have some security issues
3.- Use ufsdump to file

 I been improve this  scheme:
    1.- Make a incremental ufsdump to a file in every Servers remote
    2.- Use a scp whit a minor user to my Server with Tape Drive
    3.- Make a incremental ufsdump to Tape

Thanks a lot!!

LCC. Israel Josui Novelo Zel
Administracisn de Servidores y Seguridad
Departamento de Teleinformatica - Universidad Autsnoma de Yucatan
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