SUMMARY: Console serial ports

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Thu Feb 03 2005 - 11:33:37 EST
Well, I got a  number of replies.  On this.  Thanks go to the following individuals:
Ric Anderson
Hutin Bertrand
Dale Bewley
Bernd Schemmer
Darren Dunham
Michael Palamara
Lohn Leadeham
Andy Yother
Perrier Kent
Debbie Tropiana
John Julian
Some asked to see if I was using the right cable.  I checked the cable and the DB25s on other machines and they were just fine, so I ruled those out.  Others suggested checking the eeprom settings via the eeprom command.  Those were fine.  Still others said the check the /etc/remote file.  It was set to the default.
Well, the one who hit the nail on the head was Darren Dunham.   He said "A isn't using the serial port as a console (It wasn't booted with a keyboard attached, was it?)". Well, at first I didn't look at that because the machine doesn't have a any video capabilities.  Upon closer inspection, I found that there was a keyboard attached, but still no monitor.  Weird.  This machine had been up for a long time, booted before I started working here.  Well, I now have a terminal again!  Thanks for all the help!
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