Summary:Jumpstart Flash problem

From: Lennon, Padraig <>
Date: Thu Feb 03 2005 - 08:00:08 EST
Unfortunately I have received no replies to this question. Still a good list


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I am running into a strange problem with a flash install using jumpstart. I
have taken a flash archive of an existing Solaris 8 client (No errors
reported) and I want to test the flash install to the same client.

I have the jumpstart server running as required but when I try to run

boot net - install

on the client machine to start the install I am running into the following

The system is coming up.  Please wait.

The following error occurred while trying to set the loopback name-to-address
mapping for dubmurexapp1: set_lb_ntoa_entry: No such file or directory.
Press Return to continue

When I press return it brings me back to the network setup install and
eventually returns the same error again. I have searched on the web and the
sunmanagers archive to no avail.

Has anyone seen this before? Any pointers would be appreciated..

The jumpstart server is a Sun E450, and the client is a Fujitsu-Siemens
Primepower 450.

I will summarize..


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