Summary: Obtaining Solaris OE Binaries

From: Angelo McComis <>
Date: Wed Feb 02 2005 - 08:32:49 EST
Everyone (and their Mother) is downloading Solaris 10 at the moment, and 
it's just a matter of server popularity at the moment.

So if everyone could please temporarily pause their downloads and let me 
finish, I'd appreciate it. :-)

Oh well, I tried.

Guess I'll just be patient.


Angelo McComis said the following on 2/2/2005 8:09 AM:

> I looked in the archives for this but couldn't find anything recent.
> I'm trying to download the Solaris 9 x86 system. I'm getting HORRIBLE 
> throughput to the download site from Sun. (feels like a 9600 baud 
> modem link!)
> Is anyone aware of any alternate mirrors or sites where the binaries 
> can be found?
> I tried the download link from work and from home and those are two 
> very different points of presence, with the same horrific throughput. 
> (It estimated 30 hours to complete the first disk!)
> Or, would anyone care to put the iso of the 9/04 install disk up for 
> me to grab?
> Best,
> Angelo
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