SUMMARY: AntiVirus software

From: Miller Alan <>
Date: Tue Feb 01 2005 - 10:42:47 EST

regarding AntiVirus software under Solaris/UNIX here's what the list told me.

Of the 12 answers I got basically everybody touched on two main points.
BTW: Thank you! This was exactly what we already tried to tell the managers.

  1) UNIX viruses (practically) don't exist. 
  2) The only reason to run AntiVirus SW on a UNIX machine would be in 
     such cases where the UNIX machine acts as a "data gateway", sharing files
     for other (more vulnerable platforms) like MS Windows. E.g.: mail gateways,
     FTP servers, or file servers (PCNFS or Samba). Even here, there's still
     no real threat to the UNIX system; the infected files only pose dangers
     to the MS clients which use the services provided by the UNIX systems.

Thanks to the respondents:

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I'm sorry to have to ask this question here, but after not being able to
sufficiently convince our managers that "Viruses on UNIX" are not a real
threat (aside from scanning data coming through an FTP Server or sendmail),
I've been asked to get the "Solaris Community's" opinion abount AntiVurus
software on Solaris/UNIX.

Anybody have some good arguments for/against AntiVirus SW under UNIX?


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