SUMMARY: Attaching a D1000 to a U2

From: Tom Grassia <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 2005 - 18:35:29 EST
Thank you all for your help.  We laughed, we cried, we had a grand time.

The overwhelming response mentioned boot -r.  I had though this odd, since 
my experience in adding new drives had been one of two things..

#1.  Power down machine.

#2.  Add new drives.

#3.  When machine comes up, do reboot -r and configure drives when system 
comes back.


#1 touch /reconfigure before powering down machine.

Since the system started to error out before I reconfigured the devices, I 
was at a loss on how that would fix the issue.  However, I had nothing 
better to do, so I synthesized a number of suggestions into one 
procedure.  The procedure is as follows:

1. sync;sync;init0

2. from the ok prompt:
setenv auto-boot? false
reset-all or resetall

See the current disks come up, make notes on location.

3.  From some emails, I have received the impression that some people add 
hardware while the system is powered on and in single user mode.  I power 
down the system, as that is the way of my father and his father before him.


4.  Attached the D1000's SCSI cable into the differential SCSI card which 
was still in the server.

5. Pray

6. Power the system back on.  At the ok prompt I checked the scsi chains 

All the drives appeared to be in the same locations, + there are now six 
new drives!

7. boot -r

The system reconfigures the drives and comes back up.  I can now access and 
configure the new drives in the D1000.

I'm pretty amazed that having the system come up and reconfigure appears to 
have cleared up a number of errors.  I had figured the scsi disks would 
just not be able to be accessed by the OS until I did a reconfigure.  I had 
no clue not reconfiguring would cause a ton of errors.

On a related note, I noticed something about the D1000 that may also have 
contributed to the problem.  I had attached the D1000 cable to the "second" 
SCSI controller on the JBOD, the one down by the last numbered drive.  I 
changed this so the cable was attached next to the side with disk "0", and 
put the terminator on the other end.  Maybe this had something to do with it?

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