SUMMARY: 2xV880 + 2xT3+ + 2xFC-switch in a redundant configuration: what types of cables?

From: Stoyan Genov <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 2005 - 08:44:09 EST
In short:
*) X6729A is not supported on V880, use X6799A instead;
*) To connect X6799A HBA to the switch, use an SC-LC cable;
*) To connect a T3+ to the switch, use an LC-LC cable;
*) Use an SFP to connect the "LC-end" of the cable to the switch;

Million thanks to Drew Skinner, David Livingston and E. (NO UCE)
for the following:

Drew Skinner pointed out that the master of a T3+ partner pair
would shut down both arrays if you fail to replace a FRU (a disk)
within a certain time frame, and that in his opinion it's better if
the T3+s are mirrored using SDS or similar software.

David Livingston pointed out that I will need SC-LC cables to connect
the HBAs to the switches, LC-LC cables to connect the T3+s to the
switches, and SFP (370-5211) modules to connect the LC-end of the cables
to the switches.

E. (quote) "throwed a spanner in the works" by pointing out that X6729A
isn't supported on USIII or higher CPU systems (this includes V880).
Actually, this saved me a lot of grief, thanks, E!. Also, confirmed what
cables I need.

A great list, this is!

Stoyan Genov

Stoyan Genov wrote:
> Good day,
> I have to set a pair of Sun Fire V880 machines, a pair of T3+ storage
> arrays and a pair of SG-XSW8-2GB FC switches in the following way
> (the idea of the setup being high availability of the data on the T3+s):
> [V880]---[fc switch]---[T3+]
>    |         |           |
>    +--------------+      |
>              |    |      |
>    +---------+    |      |
>    |              |      |
> [V880]---[fc switch]---[T3+]
> (ASCII art, please use a fixed width font to see drawing correctly)
> Each V880 has a pair of X6729A FC HBAs, and each of the X7629A's
> connects to a port of a SG-XSW8-2GB switch.
> Each T3+ connects to a port of a switch (each array to different switch)
> The two T3+s are interconnected in a partner group.
> I need to obtain cables for all connections.
> The question is, what exactly types of cables do I need?
> Here are some thoughts on the subject:
> 1. T3+ interconnect cable: no variations. Just one type: 530-2843
> 2. In the specs of the switch(es)
> ( 
> I see that all cables are either LC-LC or LC-SC, which makes me think
> I need LC on the switch's side. However, notes 3 and 4 on the same page
> bother me -- I do not know whether the switches are 370-5211 or 370-5212
> 3. In the specs of the T3+
> ( 
> I see all cables are LC-SC, and there's an SC coupler offered.
> Does that mean that I have to use an LC-LC cable to connect a T3 to
> a switch, or an LC-SC+coupler+SC-LC? Or I have completely messed up?
> 4. In the specs of the HBA
> ( 
> I can see the connector is SC duplex; does that mean I have to use an
> SC-LC cable to connect a HBA to a switch?
> Any comments, ideas and answers on the setup and the cables
> will be greatly appretiated. I will summarize.
> Best Regards,
> Stoyan Genov
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