SUMMARY: Setting Up iPlanet Directory 5.1

From: Crist Clark <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 2005 - 17:54:46 EST
Thanks to a number of people who simply pointed me to,

	/usr/sbin/directoryserver setup

And the directoryserver(1M) manpage. It'd be nice if the iPlanet
manuals would mention that. However, once I got going with that, I
have to say it was pretty easy to setup.

One other small issue I ran into. I ended up configuring iPlanet LDAP
on two servers. The one with patch 113859-02 had troubles starting up
the administration server. A plugin in the magnus.conf caused dynamic
linking problems. I deleted the plugin since it wasn't present in the
other magnus.conf and the admin server on that one seemed to be OK.
The admin server would then start up without a problem. The library
it couldn't find was There are a number of those sprinkled
around the system. I probably could have fixed this by getting the
right hints in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but rather than try to figure out
which one I should use, I just dropped the plugin.

Crist Clark wrote:

> I'm having some trouble setting up iPlanet Directory Server 5.1. The
> packages are already installed on the system (IPLTdsr, IPLTdsu, IPLTdscon,
> IPLTdsman), but no directory server has been configured. I've been trying
> to follow the installation instructions at, but they all
> seem to assume you are installing fresh from a tarball.
> I found what I thought was the setup program I needed, in,
>   /usr/iplanet/ds5/setup/setup
> Things seem to go well, until it tries to extract the files for
> installation from the zip file. There is no zip file, the packages
> are already installed.
> Anyone have pointers on how to get a directory server up and running
> _after_ the packages have been installed?

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