SUMMARY on non-posted question: net- boot hangs with non-standard netmasks

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Date: Fri Jan 28 2005 - 07:39:35 EST

just want to share this one with you, since I searched the net on
similar symptoms but did not find any related discussion:

Our Jumpstart setup is :

client boots via DHCP from central DHCP servers, using "DHCP-relaying"
by the inter-segment routers.

The DHCP-servers return boot-parameters to the client, informing it
about what IP-address to use, netmask, default gateway, and from which
TFTP-server to load the initial boot-image. So far so good : the client
configures its interface with that information, and accesses the
TFTP-server on a remote subnet using the correct netmask and default

Once the boot-image is loaded, it requests again via DHCP where to find
the mini-Solaris O/S that is "Jumpstart-aware". Reply is correctly send
back, and the client NFS-mounts correctly that "BOOT-Solaris" from the
install-server which happens to be on a remote subnet (but the client
still uses the correct netmask and default gateway).

Once the client boots with that mini-Solaris, it will again configure
its interfaces in the script "/sbin/rcS". It does so by calling a binary
"/sbin/get_netmask" with the IP-address of the NFS-server. This program
returns the netmask of the NFS-server, apparently. But that netmask is
NOT the mask that the client should use on its own segment.

So the client than proceeds to attempt an NFS-mount of the same
install-server, to find the "install" bundles. But since it has set an
incorrect netmask on its (previously correctly configured) interface, it
cannot reach the NFS-server anymore. Result : the boot hangs with

Configured interface xyz
NFS server not responding still trying
NFS server not responding still trying
... (endlessly)

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