Summary:sed question

From: Craig Russell <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 2005 - 16:18:32 EST
Many thanks-

Most people pointed out that I was using single quotes
around my sed command which was preventing the shell
from expanding the variables inside which was true for
the incantation I put in the question.  I ended up
using a different solution recommended by 

arno uhlmelmahei" <>

sed -n 1,33p file >newfile
     cat datafile >>newfile
     sed -n '43,$p' file >>newfile

I placed this into a for loop and got the result I was
looking for.

Many thanks to the following for their suggestions:

francisco" <
Kurt Schulte" <>
Ray Brownrigg" <
Eric Noriega" <
John Leadeham" <

Also, thanks to John Leadeham for steering me towards
the usenet group for similar

Craig Russell
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