SUMMARY: DR / cloning Solaris

From: Paveza, Gary <gary.paveza_at_AIG.COM>
Date: Thu Jan 27 2005 - 10:12:10 EST
Thanks to everyone who replied.  Most told me that flash'ing a system with
metadrives is not a problem, you just need to recreate them after the
install.  For my situation that's all I need (all user data is recovered via
backups after the system is installed).

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		What are people using for disaster recovery / cloning of
their solaris servers?  

		I was looking into Jumpstart, but that appears to be for
cold installation from CD images.

		I also looked at Flash archives, but that appears not to
support metadevices.  

		I'm running both Solaris 8 and 9.
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