SUMMARY: UFS Logging - disadvantages?

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Date: Wed Jan 26 2005 - 09:52:28 EST
Thanks to all those that responded!
So many replies, seems the advantages far outweigh any performance deficit
especially in our environment.
I included this reply as it was by far my favourite ( Credit to Michael
no calls to fsck disks during reboots will make you look unimportant.

no rescue beeps in the night that get you out of awkward situations.

no ignoring the boss with "i've got to fix the server!".


but this can be remedied with cron and other programs.


Cheers all!


Original message:

Hi all,

Looking at implementing UFS Logging on our servers by adding the logging
entry in /etc/vfstab, the servers can have a habit of unscheduled poweroffs
and with potentially huge chunks of data attached logging enabled could give
huge benefits in revovering a system like this.

Are there any disadvantages to using it?
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