SUMMARY: adding EMC-CX600 LUN: format gives "drive type unknown"

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Date: Tue Jan 25 2005 - 03:29:10 EST
Thanks all for the answers and suggestions, some of which confirmed what
I found out myself in the mean time: the array-support for Clariion was
not included by default in the VxVM installation ("vxddladm listsupport
|grep DGC")

So I downloaded from the Veritas web site the package "CLR-ASL", which
arranged that the disk seen through 2 HBAs, was properly identified by
VxVM as the single and same disk.

Some people remarked that we use Qlogic-2300 cards and suggested that
could have been the cause of the 'problem': let me confirm that I have
connected a large combination of SUN servers with different HBA types,
using different drivers, to EMC disk arrays, directly attached or via
SAN switches. It is only a matter of -indeed- properly veryfing if a
certain combination server/HBA/driver (with or without VxVM and/or EMC's
PowerPath) has been validated by EMC, and testing out the exact
installation order of packages, configuration files etc to get the thing
work. Often EMC could not indicate the precise order of installations or
configuration details themselves. It's just a bit of initial work to
find the right combinations, but then you're done for any further
machine that you install with the exact same combination.
Do never forget to do the ultimate test : force I/O to the LUNs (like a
"verify" in "format"), verify via which HBA the traffic is going, and
pull the plug from that HBA : the I/O should just block for a few
seconds, then continue over the other HBA. Powerpath is handy to know
what HBA-path is being used, but only the full-featured $$-version
provides dual-HBA load balancing of the I/O traffic, the normal
$-version gives just path-failover, which can only be done using
VxVM-DMP. Or the Solaris-bundled "mpxio", for that matter.



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Subject: adding EMC-CX600 LUN: format gives "drive type unknown"


we have a E15K domain running Solaris-8, and connected to a SAN via
QLogic-2300 Host Bus Adapters.

A bunch of EMC-Symmetrix disks are already made available to the server
and being used for filesystems through VxVM.

Now we need to add an extra LUN coming from an EMC-Clariion CX600 array.
The new LUN is discovered with SCSI-probing, but showing up in "format"
as a "drive type unknown" ...

When I try to let "format" "auto-configure" the disk type (option
"type", then select "0. Auto-Configure") I get the message

Auto configure failed

Within "format", the "inquiry" option yields

Vendor: DGC
Product: CX700
Revision: HP03

In VxVM, I have added the JBOD id with

vxddladm addjbod vid=DGC pagecode=0x83 offset=8 length=16

The people here told me that in previous attempts to make new
Clariion-LUNs correctly identified by Solaris on a machine that has
already Symmetrix-LUNs, was only after a reboot ... Which is surely not
the procedure I want to adopt (production servers, hey)

Any suggestions what can be done about it ?



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