SUMMARY need advice and feedback

From: steve rieger <>
Date: Mon Jan 24 2005 - 13:20:06 EST
the answers were split up as follows.

about 45% of production systems, had the sw compiled on a dev box from 
source and then moved it to prod.

the other 45% used sunfreeware, or blastwave for all if not most of 
their s/w

two responded stating that they use other sw pkg's,

other responses were, openpkg, only sunw packages, and pkgsrc.

I was also asked if this will be made available online, and the answer 
is yes. i will not post your names or direct responses online. as soon 
as i have it online i will let you know. i just wanted to get a feel for 
how other admins do their thing. please do send a response if you can, 
if you did not do so.

thank you all for your feedback

with the question being

With this being a list of admin who, after being a member for more than
4 years, i grew to respect your knowledge, i would like to know how you
prefer to install software on solaris. is it from sunfreeware, netbsd's
pkgsrc, openpkg, or from source code.
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