SUMMARY: SunFire - V250 Boot problem

From: Suresh Bangalore <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 2005 - 00:24:15 EST
Hi All

Thanks for all for the replies.

> ERROR: The following devices are disabled:
>     scsi
>     net

Thanks to Michael for suggesting to use asr-clear
At the OK prompt,
asr-clear clears all the disabled devices

> INIT: Cannot create /var/adm/utmpx
>                               INIT: SINGLE USER MODE
>                                                     Type control-d to
> proceed with normal startup,
>                   (or give root password for system maintenance):

Surprisingly one of our developers had completly screwed up /etc/inittab
file. Its normal to look at things like file system full, permissions,
ownerships etc, but had never thought about /etc/inittab. Well, learning
new things everyday.

Thanks for all the help.
Suresh Bangalore
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