SUMMARY: sendmail fails after applied Solaris 8 Recommended Patch

From: Warren Liang <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 2005 - 11:22:21 EST
Good Morning,

Thanks for many valuable responses. I backout the patch and sendmail works finn now.

I like to share a couple of great solution/recommendations from Allen and Erek:

Allen wrote:
Looks like the patch cluster replaced your custom sendmail binary.. 
try doing /usr/lib/sendmail -bt -d0.1 and look for MILTER support. 

You may have to rebuild sendmail from source with MILTER support.
If you do.. i'd remove the SUNWsndmr and SUNWsndmu packages so
future patches won't replace the binary.

Erek wrote:

Sun makes a couple of assumptions about patches:

* You have never changed your system from the "Out of the Box" defaults
* You would never install a third party application

IOW, they simply dropped a new sendmail binary on top of your Miltercompiled one.  You'll have to rebuild sendmail + milter + mimedefangbinary again.  And as a hint--Never place your sendmail binary over Sun's.
:)  Always install into /usr/local or /opt or /whatever/your/heart/desires
.  Just not in /usr/lib/ !

If you update and change from the standard Sun sendmail, you might want to
consider removing the sendmail packages from your server.  That way
Solaris won't even try to patch sendmail since it doesn't exist on your

My original posting:

sendmail fails after applying Solaris 8 Recommended patch.
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