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From: Kanellopoulos, Angelos <>
Date: Wed Jan 19 2005 - 15:53:24 EST
What to say about you great inteligent people, thank you so much for your
fast help-responses...Many many people replied , most of the replies were
refering using ln which works in many cases, not on mine.. i will post the
solution that worked for me and I think the most complete.
Respect to you my friends. Thank you again for your interest.

That Used to be my problem : 

-Hello again Guru's.. 
-I have a tar issue, please help me if you can. This is the issue : 
-I have a big tar file that has been tared with the -c (not -C) option,
--with the following path e.g. /home/user1 . The problem is the /home
-filesystem is full I need to extract it under e.g /usr/u01 (different fs) i
mean change the relative path that has been tared, without extrating -on
-another system and them movin. 

>   There are a couple of alternatives: 
> a. Method 1 (user) 
>                 1. /usr/bin/pax -r -s ',^/,,' -f file.tar 
b. Method 2 
> (root) 
>                 1. /usr/bin/cp /usr/sbin/static/tar /tmp 
>                 2. /usr/bin/dd if=file.tar | /usr/bin/chroot /tmp 
> ./tar xf - 
> or.... 
> mkdir /var/tmp/new/ 
> cp /usr/sbin/static/tar /var/tmp/new 
> cp file.tar /var/tmp/new 
> chroot /var/tmp/new ./tar new.tar 

Frank Huang 

Other many other people replied the same as frank i just posted his which
includes the rest plus the ln,
so pex , chroot, ln is the way to do it.
for the last time Thank you people.
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