SUMMARY: System logging in batches

From: Andy Ford <>
Date: Wed Jan 19 2005 - 06:13:25 EST
ok ok - everyone is allowed a stupid question once in a while.
I was looking in the wrong place.

The suggestions were to use S|=1, and S|=1 works btw.

Something I use extensively in other scripts.



On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 11:03 +0000, Andy Ford wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I'm not sure whether this is a particular issue related to what I am
> doing ... here goes...
> I am running a perl process that connects to the sysV kernel queues
> (aside). I want this process to log all STDOUT & STDERR stuff to one
> file, so I do this ...
> perl_proc > /var/log/some_log_file.log 2>&1 &
> This does work, however, the STDOUT part logs to the file in batches.
> Can this be changed to log every time the script prints to STDOUT.
> I have played with metalog under gentoo linux and know it's possible.
> I'm not even sure which process controls logging under Solaris 2.8!
> Thanks
> Andy
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