SUMMARY: Netra T1, serial console unable to use input device]

From: Richard Monahan <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 2005 - 03:04:31 EST
I have the exact same problem as described originally at the bottom of
the URL above. The only difference is that I have a real cisco console
cable as I used to install cisco switches and routers for a while. I can
see all the output from the terminal window, but it will not accept any
input whatsoever. My server is also trying to boot from the net, and I
have no facilities to work with the situation. I wish to change the
boot-device to cdrom and re-install the operating system.
Is there a solution on the list? I could not find it. I was able to dump
to the ok prompt when I had keyboard input, but now I am totally stuck
because the only input left on my v100 is the cdrom, but I have no way
to issue a command to boot from it. PLEASE, if anyone can help me I
would be eternally grateful, and promise to learn about posting messages
correctly on message boards(I know that I am supposed to post in the
forums and not email directly to the people, but I am so stuck that I
just wanted to make sure that my cry for help was announced. 
If anyone can provide the solution, as well as the correct way to post
my own requests, I promise to follow protocol from this day forth. Thank
you very much.
   - Richard Monahan
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