SUMMARY:How to call a script function when mail server receive an email

From: Alexander Surbakti <>
Date: Mon Jan 17 2005 - 21:14:05 EST
dear all,

several days ago i sent this topic to this mailing list and i just 
solved it yesterday night.
most of what i have done is like what disastermaster was told. i have a 
perl file named that needed to be run when our mail server 
get an email from a certain address, at this case the address i use is 
alex@localhost. all the step that i have done is:

shell>vi /etc/aliases
   #make some editing
     alex :    "|/etc/smrsh/"      
   #this is what disastermaster forgot to tell me that the perl file 
must be placed at /etc/smrsh

and then i write mail to alex@localhost.  when i check at 
/var/spool/mail_log i found that stat=sent.  it  verified with the  
increament of rows number in my  mysql table  since the  
written  with insert data  function.

earlier the i placed at /var/www/cgi-bin which caused 
stat=service unavailable.

have a nice day,
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