SUMMARY: mount at boot without error RAID partition

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Fri Jan 14 2005 - 10:45:55 EST
I asked:

> I now have a V210 (Solaris 9) up and running with a 278 gig raid5 partition.
> (thanks guys).  Unfortunately, it is still not working right.  Whenever
> this box is rebooted, it fails to fsck this massive partition and the
> server drops into single user mode.  I manually fsck it (it takes abt 10
> minutes), there are no errors, and I can mount it and continue.  I've
> tried several things which required several reboots.  At the last reboot
> I got tired of fsck-ing a huge partition when I know there will be no
> problems, so I mounted it manually without a fsck first.  It worked
> just fine.  I checked the Usual Suspects, including the /etc/vfstab and
> in particular the "device to fsck" column, and everything is fine.  I
> really do not want to have to manually mount this filesystem every time
> the server reboots.  Does anyone have a suggestion on getting this
> partition to mount without bogus errors on bootup?

The Solution:

I guess I am just not used to RAID5 devices.  A disk had gone bad, hence
the error on bootup.  But with one bad disk a RAID5 can still be used, so it
would come up if I manually mounted it.  And yes, I have logging enabled on
all partitions on all my servers, including this one.  My understanding is
that logging doesn't mean you never have to fsck again, it just greatly
decreases the possibility that you might have to.

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