SUMMARY: Issues with T3: Battery and Unmountable Volume

From: Neil Quiogue <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 21:09:52 EST
Since I was just able to finish the fixing of the "shadow" volume
recently, this is a long overdue summary:
1. You can use the T3extender.tar.Z can be obtained from Sun to fix
this.  Alternatively, you can use the following commands:

  telnet into T3 as root
  fru stat    (list battery status)
  .bat -n u1pcu1    
  .id write busage u1pcu1 0      (reset battery one)

  .bat -n u1pcu2
  .id write busage u1pcu2 0      (reset battery two)

  refresh -s         (next scheduled refresh, also gives battery status)

2. Wrong position is as it says, it's in the wrong position so just
swapping the disks properly would fix this.
3. For the shadow volume, it was fixed with 'boot -w' but this was
made possible because the T3 was not in production.  Otherwise, one
would need to connect the T3 back to the partner group then unmount it
before removing it.

The negative effect of 'boot -w' is that you would need to set
everything again since it removes volumes, etc.  That means you would
need a console for this.

The following people helped with this:
Govind Kulkarni (T3extender) and Paul Roetman (for the command summary
in the battery).
Mike Busse for the shadow volume.

Thanks again.


Neil Quiogue

Wednesday, November 10, 2004, 11:10:32 AM, you wrote:

NQ> Hello,

NQ>       I just have a few questions on Storedge T3:
NQ>       1. The Power Supply was already replaced and yet when I do an
NQ>       fru stat, it still sees the battery as fault.  I tried the
NQ>       refreshing and changing busage of u1pcu1 to no avail.  The
NQ>       syslog shows that it's not ok also.
NQ>       2. What does it mean that the disk is in the wrong position?  I
NQ>       can't seem to find out any distinguishing mark on where each
NQ>       disk would be placed.
NQ>       3. I keep seeing a 'u2d1-d9' volume yet there's no such disks.  I
NQ>       tried unmount and removing it but it does not work.  Somehow the
NQ>       config sees it as such and I can unmount it properly:

NQ>       Here's what I see:
NQ>              <> vol unmount vol1
NQ>              <> vol remove vol1
NQ>              ERROR (200008) VN_MOUNTED: volume already mounted
NQ>       Any pointers would be much appreciated.

NQ> Regards,

NQ> Neil Quiogue
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