Summary diff btw df -k & du -sk

From: Srini Chadalavada <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 17:13:18 EST
Hi Managers,
  Thank-you all for response. yesterday evening we
took downtime and restarted the database that fixed
the problem. It is better to install lsof to check
which process is using that file. I still need to
install that utility .

The DBA may have to restart the database. The deleted
file space will not return unitl the database, or
whatever process that has it open, closes the file.
One way to determine which process still has it open
is to use 'lsof'. You can download it from There are lots of options but a
quick-n-dirty w/o RTM is 'lsof|grep -yourfile-'.

Reggie Beavers

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