SUMMARY: Any suggestions on Sun Cluster 2.2 issue

From: Mani Savirigana <>
Date: Tue Jan 11 2005 - 12:10:00 EST
Hi Managers,

We have Sun cluster 2.2 , Volume manager 3.4, Raidmanager 6.22 and oracle
Cluster nodes are node1(E220R) and node2(E220R).These two nodes are 
connected to two disk arrays(A1000s)

One of the cluster nodes ,node1(primary for oracle) crashed and the oracle 
was switched to node2.
it did not happen automatically. When we are not able to access our in-house 
application, I found that there
is a problem with the cluster node node1. When  I unplumb the logical 
interface for oracle on node1 ,
it switced to node2. Now our application is running fine on node2.

Before that I have added 4 drives to the arrays(Two A1000s , both are 
connected to both the nodes of the cluster)
extended the veritas volume and it's mirror .But the server(node1) crash 
occured after 3-4 days

The errors I found from the logs are all related to snmpxd.

	 	From /var/adm/messages

snmpdx: local pdu process error
snmpdx: agent_process(): bad community from

The cpu on node1 paniced

when checked with format on node1 it is in single user mode now

format is able to identify the internal hard drives and also c1t5do and 
c2t5d0. And for the rest of the drives
drive not available :reserved is attached in format listing

When we did format
c1t5d0 No error with this drive
c1t5d1< drive not available: reserved >
c1t5d2< drive not available: reserved >
c1t5d3< drive not available: reserved >
c1t5d4< drive not available: reserved >
c1t5d5< drive not available: reserved >
c2t5d0 No error with thsi drive
c2t5d1< drive not available: reserved >
c2t5d2< drive not available: reserved >
c2t5d3< drive not available: reserved >
c2t5d4< drive not available: reserved >

And raid sense key errors related to battery expiration. All the batteries 
were expired on the A1000 arrays.I also
have to replace the batteries on these A1000 arrays.

Can I simply rejoin node1 with the cluster ?
Can you please suggest me  any resolution quickly.


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