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From: Ed Guenther <>
Date: Tue Jan 11 2005 - 11:42:44 EST
Well I did not get an answer but I know what the
problem actual was.  In my original post I incorrectly
stated that the flar file is copied over, in fact it
is not copied at all.  The problem occurs when you
boot a new, uninstalled client box off the install cd,
manually configure the boot disk with multiple
paritions (/usr, /var, /root, etc.), and then choose
"install by flar".

The partitions created are not all mounted during the
FLAR install.  Only the /root partition is mounted. 
So the install tries to put everything in the root
partition.  So even though I created a /usr filesystem
the contents of it are being shoved into the root
partition under a directory called /usr.

For those who do not know, the v20z and v40z boxes are
i86pc architecture (x86).  Creating a
jumpstart/DHCP/PXE-boot server to install the FLAR was
not tested.

I'm using Solaris 10 beta 72.  Sun is trying to
replicate the problem to fix it.


original post below
I've opened a case with Sun on this problem but they 
don't feel it's urgent. So.... 

I have several new v20z and v40z's here. I installed 
one box with Solaris 10 beta 72. I created a flash 
archive with: 

flarcreate -s -n install /install.flar 

I booted a second v20z (client) and connected it to 
the first using a crossover cable. I booted the 
client from the Sol10 install cd and opted to install 
using a flar image. The system finds the flar master 
server, copies the image but then gives me this error:

  "Could not extract flash archive" and the install 
bombs out. 

I've looked through the archives of this list and 
found one similar case but his solution doesn't solve 
my problem. 

I even feel that I know why this message occurs! The 
root partition must be big enough to hold the entire 
flar. But I do not want the root parition to be 3 
gig! It's wasted space that I need on other 

I confirmed that this is the problem by allowing the 
system to have three gig in /root. The flar worked 
and the system installed. 

I've contacted sun about this but they feel that hard 
drive space is cheap so why bother? Just waste the 
space and move on. 

Does anyone have a solution so that I can use only 500

meg for the /root partition? This is very urgent. 

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