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From: Shawn Guillemette <>
Date: Tue Jan 11 2005 - 10:23:26 EST
Thats to all for the suggestions.

I think Im going to take the extra time to sutdown the machine while 
removing the drive.

Thanks you all

Bonfieti Junior, Angelo wrote:

>there's no problem at all in (dis)connecting an external tape device from
>your box. I've done this thousands of times before.
>Just make sure the tape unit is turned off.
>You can also attach it to any other sun box, if this is your wish, without
>having this box down.
>WHen u do back this tape unit to it's original place (e250 solaris7 box), it
>probably will work as if nothing had happened. If u get any kind of trouble,
>just remove the old links in /dev/rmt (I suppose you just have the 0 -zero-
>combination) and perform a dvrconfig;tapes that solaris will recreate the
>new combinations for your tape device.
>Hope it helps,
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>I have a e250 running Solaris 7 with a ds3 scsi tape drive. The e250 is 
>in production and we are looking to use the tape drive else where. 
>Whoever, the drive may have to return to its original owner. ;-)
>I guess the question is does any one for see any issues with 
>disconnecting this external scsi drive from the e250 while its in 
>production and during office hours?
>And what are my chances of adding the device back with out taking the 
>box down?

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