SUMMARY: Can't Read Disk Label (Thanks Mike!)

From: Omon Edeki-NOWELL <>
Date: Mon Jan 10 2005 - 15:43:50 EST
Thanks to Mike David Chanslor for helping me to fix my "Can't Read Disk
Label" error.

There were 2 problems:

1.the system could not recognize the CD-ROM drive so we had to reconfigure
the slave-master jumper settings.

2.the cd-rom drive was faulty. it could not read properly from cd's, so we
put in a a SONY CDROM drive and it ran smoothly. Below is how our
correspondence went (later messages come first):



Hello! - I work for the power company in Alabama and we have over 300
ultra5/10's...! And I am so ready to upgrade hardware, but in short we
have done a lot of trouble-shooting on these guys. You have the classic
case of IDE blues... What I'm saying is the ultra5/10's ( I keep saying
that because depending on the year most had SAME boards ) are VERY
particular about the jumper settings. We now stick to Seagate IDE drives
because we consistently get the same behavior.
 In a nut shell - you just need to try cable select vs. the MASTER/SLAVE
jumper settings...

If I had the box the first thing I would do is MAKE SURE YOU HAD
OPENBOOT up to date with 3.31
Then I would jumper the IDE drive on IDE bus #1 for MASTER
Next, jumper the CDROM for MASTER on #2 IDE bus.
 - power on and check probe-ide

If that failed, I would try HDD as Primary master on IDE#1 and CDROM as
slave on IDE#1

If that didn't work, I'd think it was a blade and start trying cable
select settings on IDE#1


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Dear Mike,

I did a probe-ide and here's what we got from the ok commandline prompt:

ok probe-ide
    Device 0 (Primary Master)
        ATA Model: IBM-DTLA-30.015

    Device 1 (Primary Slave)
        Not Present

    Device 2 (Secondary Master)
        Not Present

    Device 3 (Secondary Slave)
        Not Present



Is it telling us something about not seeing the cd-drive? Thanks in


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Subject: RE: Can't read disk label.

What happens when you power on and do OK> probe-ide
Does it see the disk drive?

Work with a lot of these guys, be glad to help...
Have had similar problems

Mike Chanslor

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Subject: Can't read disk label.

Dear Sun managers,

Good afternoon. I am trying to install Solaris 8 on a Sun Ultra 10 Sparc

workstation. This system formerly had Solaris 8 on it, but we decided to
a reinstallation to configure things the way we wanted them.Before doing

that we encountered a few problems

1.The system failed to recognize the Dell Ultra Sharp Monitor, when the
signal cable was plugged into the port behind the computer. To solve
this we
researched and were told to remove the Video card attached to the mother

board, and this we did.The system now recognized the dell monitor and
in Solarid 8.

2.We ran sys-unconfig to reconfigure the system to change the hostname
on a
reboot.We powered off the computer.Afterward we would go through the
sys-unconfig program in an indefinite loop.So I powered off the computer

each time i got stuck.

3.Lastly I tried to do a STOP A to try to go to the 'ok' prompt in order
do a clean installation of Solaris 8 Installation CD, by running

ok boot cdrom [ENTER]

Here's what I am getting:

Boot device: /pci@1f, 0/pci@1,1/ide@3/cdrom@2,0:f File and args:
Can't read disk label.
Can't open disk label package

Can't open boot device

I want to do a clean installation of the Solaris 8 CD on the sparc ultra
computer.Please can anyone help me out? I looked at the solaris 8
installation guide, and it asked that I follow this procedure. Please
respond if you can help.Thanks a million!

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