SUMMARY: SAN question and cfgadm

From: Nicole Skyrca <>
Date: Mon Jan 10 2005 - 10:19:15 EST
Sorry for the late summary.

I ended up using IBM's Subsystem Device Driver (IBMsdd) software
instead of Sun's mpxio for the multipathing support.  This software
made it easy for me to identify which luns I wanted removed from
the SAN using addresses that our storage administrators could
see on the SAN.

To configure the V440 to see the new disks, I ran
"cfgadm -c configure c#" for each controller. Then I had
to run some IBMsdd  commands to get the IBMsdd drivers to recognize
the disks.  Then I created disksuite devices using the IBMsdd names
for the luns.

In order to remove the luns used for the temporary filesystem from
the V440, I unmounted the filesystem, ran metaclear on the
metadevice name.  Then, I used IBMsdd to determine the addresses
of the luns I wanted removed, and asked the storage administrators
to remove the luns.  They must remove the luns before you unconfigure
them from the  machine.

After the luns are removed,run the following command.  The luns that were
removed show up as "unusable".

cfgadm *o show_FCP_dev *al

Example output:
Ap_Id                          Type         Receptacle   Occupant
c2::5005076300c39cea,0         unavailable  connected    configured
c2::5005076300c39cea,1         unavailable  connected    configured
c2::5005076300c39cea,2         unavailable  connected    configured
c2::5005076300c39cea,3         disk         connected    configured   unknown
c2::5005076300c39cea,4         disk         connected    configured   unknown
c2::5005076300c39cea,5         disk         connected    configured   unknown
c2::5005076300c39cea,6         disk         connected    configured   unknown

Next, unconfigure the LUNS that were removed from the SAN by running the
command for each WWN that has a Condition status of "unusable".

cfgadm *o unusable_FCP_dev *c unconfigure  cx::WWN
where "x" is the controller number and WWN is the world wide number

Example :
cfgadm -o unusable_FCP_dev -c unconfigure c2::5005076300c39cea

After removing the luns, I had to run a few more IBMsdd commands so IBMsdd
will no longer see the devices.

One last note, in order to see the luns that were removed as "unusable" with
the cfgadm command, you have to install the Sun San Foundation Kit using
the install_it script.  I had originally installed only portions of the SF
kit, and
it wasn't working properly.

Thank you to everyone who replied to this post!!

>>> "Nicole Skyrca" <> 10/27/2004 2:15:06 PM >>>
I have a Sunfire v440 connected to an IBM ESS (shark) model 2150 with
McData Intrepid 6040 Director switch via two fiber channel connections.

I'm using Suns Traffic Manager Software (mpxio) for the multipathing
support.  I configured
a 150 GB disk partition using a DiskSuite concatination.

After I configured this 150 GB disk partition, another 250 GB of disk
from the SAN has been assigned
to this v440 that will be used for different filesystem on a temporary

How do I get the v440 to see this new disk space without destroying the
original 150 GB
partition that is already setup?  How do I unconfigure the extra 250 GB
of disk without
destroying the original 150 GB partition? Will cfgadm destroy the
original partition?

Thank you!
Nicole Skyrca

PS Does anyone have any good documentation about SANs configuration and
troubleshooting, or
on cfgadm?
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