Summary: strftime on Solaris

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Mon Jan 10 2005 - 06:11:08 EST
Dear managers,

thanks to
JV <>
Hutin Bertrand <>
Lars Hecking <>

and especially to

Koef <>

Solaris includes a strftime() function. It seems that the test for 
strftime in ./configure of hylafax is bogus.

int t() { strftime(); return 0; }
int main(){ t(); return 0; }

Koef suggested to comment out the test for strftime what I did. I had a 
similar problem with the TIFF library,so I comemnted this test out as 
well and then was able to build hylafax on Solaris 9 with ggcc 3.4.x. 
It was reported that these problems do not occur with gcc.3.x. However, 
I haven't verified that.

Thanks a lot!



Original question:
> I am currently trying to build hylafax 4.2.0 on Solaris 9. Configuring 
> this package gives me
> No strftime function located in system libraries.
> The strftime function used to format date&time information was not 
> located
> in the normal C library or in the -lintl library (present on some 
> systems).
> This software expects this to be available and will not compile 
> without it.
> If this function is located in a non-standard location you can specify 
> the
> library in the MACHDEPLIBS configuration parameter.  Otherwise you 
> should
> figure out why the usual testing done by this script failed; consult 
> the
> diagnostics in the config.log file for more information.
> Unrecoverable error!  Once you've corrected the problem rerun this 
> script.
> Solaris contains a strftime function. Any idea how to convince the 
> configure script to find(use) it?
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