SUMMARY: Experiences with multi-Terabyte filesystems

From: Lupe Christoph <>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 04:50:15 EST
On Tuesday, 2005-01-04 at 10:05:34 +0100, Lupe Christoph wrote:

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> So I would like to ask for your experiences with filesystems larger than
> 4 TB.

Thanks to:
Bousquet Francois
Jason Shatzkamer
Mao YS-qch1521
Juergen Waiblinger
Sirisena, Navi
Roland Merk
Ballesteros, Dave D
Stott, Trevor  xt55302

for letting me know they were out of office. I have forwarded their
mailbox addresses to well-known Spammers. Thanks for the money, folks!
(Just kidding.)

Petri Kallberg and Drew Skinner pointed me to the upcoming ZFS
(Zettabyte File System). But ZFS will not be in the initial release of
Solaris 10, but MU2 or so. And I would like to see somebody else test
this thoroughly before I commit to it. My client will not pay me for
extensive tests, alas.

Adam Levin said "we implemented some Network Appliance storage systems
with multi-terabyte filesystems." Netapp filers are even more expensive
than the SamFS license my client would have to purchase.

Drew Skinner mentioned "I have 24TB (2 x 12TB) filesystems with SAMfs
and have absolutely no problems with it." Good to know, I'm similarly
satisfied with SamFS, but the client wants something cheap. :-(

Doug Hughes said "not a problem with something like VxFS. Less of a
problem with UFS+ with logging turned on, but VxFS has a marginal edge
with larger sizes.  The larger you get, the faster it gets for crash
recovery (in comparison).  It goes up to 32TB and many sites use the
whole thing (or more, depending upon OS version and Veritas version)"

Finally, Filipe Litaiff asked me to summarize, which I have just done.

So I have to conclude that such large filesystems are indeed a challenge
few people have yet faced. And even fewer would trust UFS with that.

Thank you all.
Lupe Christoph
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