SUMMARY: Veritas disk recovery

From: Andy Ford <>
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 07:36:27 EST
Thanks to all that responded esp. to Darren Dunham and another Sun
manager that requested to remain nameless.

Actually, the process was reasonably simple to follow.

I simply pulled the disk in question and replaced it with another.
The disk span up and the light was stable.

I then did a ...
	- Remove a disk for replacement (from vxdiskadm)
	- 'vxdctl enable' to pick up the new disk
	- Replace a failed or removed disk (from vxdiskadm)
and then waited for the vxrecover process to re-read the Dirty Record
Log (DRL). The Disk then went from RCO to ENA using 'vxprint -ht'

Here is a useful link..



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