SUMMARY - Veritas VM 3.5 2nd disk encapsulation problem

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Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 14:52:51 EST
Original message had subject of: "Veritas Vol Mgr 3.5 problem on Solaris 8"

Thanks to Gregory Shaw and Zion Huang for responding.  I'll summarize their responses below.  I opened a case with Sun for this problem and it turns out this is a bug introduced in patch 112392-07.  To resolve the problem, Sun suggested that I back out the patch and retry the encapsulation of the 2nd disk.  This worked.  They suggested that I apply patch 112392-06 instead until Veritas issues a fix for the bug introduced in 112392-07.  For what its worth, the Sun SE stated that Inc # 129295 is the Veritas bug fix in 112392-07 that introduced the problem.  The etrack # is 151889 if anyone is interested.

Zion's response was that it wasn't necessary to encapsulate the 2nd disk before mirroring.  He referenced a Veritas article at:

Gregory's response was: A) upgrade to 4.0 if possible (not possible in our environment at the moment), B) that it is not necessary to encapsulate the 2nd disk as long as VTOC is the same as the 1st disk.  Suggested initializing disk and mirroring volumes.  (not preferred here since we have to maintain some sort of consistency among systems)

Thanks to all who responded.
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