SUMMARY: Upgrade of disk and now Mirror different size to Submirror

From: Andy Ford <>
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 09:50:00 EST
Thanks to Darren Dunham for pointing out that the mirror size was
different to the submirror size.

I did some probing to find out what I needed to do.
If you are interested - follow this link and check out the Unix
section ......

Essentially, after the upgrade to the 36GB disk from the 18GB disk, I
needed to detach the d7 mirror (the only one that had changed in size),
and re-attach it.

I did ..

>metadetach d7 27
d7: submirror d27 is detached

>metadetach d7 d17
metadetach: d7: attempt to detach last running submirror

>metaclear d27
d27: Concat/Stripe is cleared

>metaclear d7 (this gets rid of the mirror itself)
d7: Mirror is cleared

Then I 
	- re-initialised d17 and d27 with 
		- metainit d17 1 1 c1t0d0s7
		- metainit d27 1 1 c1t1d0s7
	- re-initialised d7 with d17 with 
		metainit d7 -m d17
	- attached d27 with
		- metattach d7 d27
	- waited for the resynch to complete
	- created the ufs filesystem with 
		-newfs /dev/md/rdsk/d7

Then remounted d7, and it worked



Moving on from my previous post (metadisk and moving partition from
rawfs to ufs) I have found an issue where we upgraded two mirrored disks
from 18GB to 36GB some time ago.

What I didn't notice (kindly pointed out by Darren Dunham) was that the
Mirror has a different size to the Submirrors. i.e.

metastat d7...

d7: Mirror
    Submirror 0: d17
      State: Okay         
    Submirror 1: d27
      State: Okay         
    Pass: 1
    Read option: roundrobin (default)
    Write option: parallel (default)
    Size: 11134456 blocks

d17: Submirror of d7
    State: Okay         
    Size: 46137600 blocks
    Stripe 0:
        Device              Start Block  Dbase State        Hot Spare
        c1t0d0s7                   0     No    Okay         

d27: Submirror of d7
    State: Okay         
    Size: 46137600 blocks
    Stripe 0:
        Device              Start Block  Dbase State        Hot Spare
        c1t1d0s7                   0     No    Okay         

Anyone know ho I can fix this problem. This is definitely the issue I am
having with running out of space on this slice.

The odd thing is, df -k reports the slice as ~22GB but the d7 mirror
reports it as ~5.5GB

Any suggestions would be welcomed with open arms



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From: Andy Ford <>
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Subject: metadisk and moving partition from rawfs to ufs
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 10:07:41 +0000
Hi everyone

I have recently moved a rawfs partition to a ufs partition to satisfy
upgrading of an application (InfoVista).
I have two disks that are mirrored where slice 7 is used for the
InfoVista databases. Slice 7 (/dev/md/dsk/d7) is now mounted
on /InfoVista.

The partitions are 22GB in size but I seem to be having problems writing
large amounts of data to them.

I have written a small perl file that writes a counter to a file
in /InfoVista/file but it doesn't get past line 9038.

I have a couple of questions

 1. Is it possible to physically damage the disk while using md
 2. How else can I prove that I have problems with this slice


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