Partial Summary/Update on Multipathing w/ dual Lightpulse LP9802DC

From: <>
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 18:21:18 EST
Thanks to all who replied (Tom Payerle, Victor Engle, and Vincent Bolay).

Initial problem: multipathing/failover with a dual HBA from Emulex (the
LightPulse LP9802DC).

Suggestions received:

1. Look at Veritas Volume Manager
2. See what your storage vendor has in the way of RDAC drivers

Also, multipathing is less of an issue than failover.

Action take:
1. Downloaded IBM RDAC driver for FAStT (taken from the FAStT Storage Manager
2. Installed
3. Failover works on a very limited basis (see below)

Current problem:
1. Panic when data is copied onto new SAN partition

I can run newfs, mount the filesystem, touch a file, and list the files on the
new filesystem. I can even pull cables and it will failover (i.e., I can
continue to do a file listing). But when I attempt to copy a file onto the new
partition it panics.

Anyone see this before? I am not getting a lot out information from
/var/adm/messages, etc. This is Solaris 9, and I am looking into kernel patches.
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