[SUMMARY]moving ld.config (and changing /var disk)

From: Ben Kim <bkim_at_coe.tamu.edu>
Date: Sun Oct 31 2004 - 22:57:07 EST
My thanks goes to aielloster@gmail.com, Franky Liedekerk, Chris Pinnock,
Debbie Tropiano, Stephane Tsacas and Grzegorz Bakalarski.

In short, I just "mv"ed /var/ld/ld.config, and all was well.  I restarted
a limited set of the daemons that appeared on fuser result, except for
those processes which appeared only on 'fuser /var/ld/ld.config' (I don't
think I would've been OK after 'fuser -k /var/ld/ld.config'.)

I didn't have any special path in libary path. I didn't need to run crle.
(After I stopped/killed daemons/processes and restarted them, they all
came back on 'fuser /var/ld/ld.config'.)

Anyway, after stopping the set of daemons (and killing some processes), I
umounted the old disk from /var and mounted /var with the new disk I put
in /etc/vfstab in advance. And I then restarted the daemons and processes.

I've already 'mv'ed most of the /var directories (on old disk) to /newvar
(on new disk) and symlinked them from /newvar back to /var. I also did the
same for /var/run (I created /newvar/run, killed all processes on
/var/run, and mounted /var/run again as in /etc/init.d/buildinittab). In
the process, it broke my incoming tip connection and I am not able to get
back yet.

FYI the new disk (previously mounted on /newvar and now on /var) mounted
without fsck but the old disk (previously mounted on /var and now on
/oldvar) needed fsck before remounting.

The loss of incoming tip connection was the subject of another question
posted on this list, and I thought I'd fix that after a reboot although I
was reluctantly braced for a reboot of the server. But fortunately it went
without reboot and I can still use some wisdom on the incoming tip issue.

I'll post a separate summary for /var and incoming tip conneciton.


Ben Kim
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