SUMMARY: fssnap on Solaris 9 for x86

From: Anthony Gunia <>
Date: Sat Oct 30 2004 - 11:15:26 EDT
Hi all,

First, thanks to so many for quick replies.  Many mentioned the second quote 
did not match, which I corrected, but still had a problem using the 
following command to mount the fssnap and would get the following:

# mount -F ufs -o ro /dev/fssnap/`fssnap -i -o snapnumber /` /fssnap ;
mount [-v | -p]
mount [-F FSType] [-V] [current_options] [-o specific_options]
        {special | mount_point}
mount [-F FSType] [-V] [current_options] [-o specific_options]
        special mount_point
mount -a [-F FSType ] [-V] [current_options] [-o specific_options]
        [mount_point ...]

Many thanks to Bill R. Williams for the following:

# Create fssnap on NFS partition
fssnap -F ufs -o backing-store=/snap,unlink / ;
# Capture the device created by fssnap
snap_dev=`fssnap -F ufs -o backing-store=/snap,unlink /`
# Mount fssnap to prepare for backup
mount -F ufs -o ro $snap_dev /fssnap ;

The above seemed to work well.  Thanks again to so many folks, and have a 
good weekend!

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