SUMMARY: Replacing E4500s, suggestions for new models?

From: Angelo McComis (Sun Managers) <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 14:29:25 EDT
Thanks to everyone who replied. 

And PS: This thread was by far my most productive experience on the SMML to

Talking Points:

- I should be mindful if upgrading to UltraSPARC IV-based systems when it
comes to upgrading any applications that are licensed per CPU.  E.g. The
license for Oracle on an 8-way US-II won't be valid for an 8-way US-IV chip
since the US-IV is a dual-core proc, and would actually have to be licensed
as a 16-way server, which is a BIG $$ difference in terms of Oracle

- The V880 is a good repalcement for the DB, in terms of internal storage,
but doesn't offer hot-pluggable CPU/MEM boards. It has plenty of internal
storage and is expandable to 8-cpus, we'd probably buy with 4 to begin with.

- The V440 is a good replacement for the App server, although no
expandability beyond 4-cpus. Also has plenty of internal storage (as "app
server" disk requirements go). Not as hot-pluggable as the V880, but not as
costly either.

- The V490 was suggested in a 2-way configuration with external storage as a
good DB candidate, since 2 US-IV procs are equivalent to 4 US-III procs.

- Also suggested to get 2x 880s and run both OVO and ORCL on one side but
set both up as management nodes.

- Finally, was pleasantly surprised to get a response from a vendor offering
to help assist with pricing on any combination of config I came up with and
offered some insight into trade-in options. 

Thanks SMML folks... You rock.

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