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From: Ben Kim <bkim_at_coe.tamu.edu>
Date: Tue Aug 24 2004 - 18:18:27 EDT
I hope I am not too late in summarizing.

I basically wanted to have multiple ways to access console, because we had
a ttya problem on one machine (SunFire 280R) after power outage.

According to answers, basically there's only one access to the console.

And it can't be changed without rebooting the server, because "The hardware/OBP determines the location of
the physical "console" at boot time." (Darren Dunham) 
Michael Horton and Juan Lopez gave similar information.

At boot time, if there are no keyboard and monitor, console will be
directed to ttya. 

I checked that I can redirect console output at ok prompt, but somehow
could not redirect console input to ttya. Perhaps it takes rebooting for
it to work.

William Yodlowsky kindly pointed out that I can use the ethernet and
serial ports on the RSC board. Then I would have keyboard/monitor + RSC
serial + RSC ethernet to choose from (although RSC and keyboard/monitor
will be mutually exclusive). He hit the point and it will serve my
purpose. RSC supports two concurrent telnet connections.

Leonard Smith refered me to this link.
This allows me to use keyboard and monitor, and still redirect the console
automatically to ttya. (This set up is needed, since if there are keyboard
and monitor attached, console is not directed automatically to ttya.) 

Thanks to everyone for giving valuable answers.

My original question is here.
>I'd like to ask a question about console i/o. Basically I'd like to have
>multiple ways to get to the console.
>I have these options to connect to console,
>- RSC (tcp/ip or serial)
>- ttya serial port connection
>- attached keyboard and monitor
>I understand ttya input/output or setenv commands can change the i/o
>I'm in ok prompt. But it seems there's only one access allowed for the
>console, and therefore the above methods are mutually exclusive. Is this
>Also, if they are mutually exclusive, is it possible to redirect console
>i/o, for example from serial connection to locally attached keyboard and
>monitor, while the system is up and running?


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