SUMMARY: Freshening Solaris 7/E4500/Cluster 2.2

From: Angelo McComis <>
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 08:47:39 EDT
Thanks to all who responded.
Special Kudos to Darren E for doing almost the exact same exercise recently
and sending me the steps he took including the commands. (I had to translate
them into Cluster 2.2's commands, but that was relatively painless).
Antonio Marongiu also pointed out that Cluster 2.2 is not supported on
Solaris 9 (I missed that when I was going over all the various compatibility
Daniel Denes shared that ran into something similar a few weeks back, Sun
said to take everything down, patch it all, then bring it back up. Of
course, that goes against the reason we all buy clustering software. He said
he did it basically the way I had outlined, which was to freeze the cluster,
patch the inactive node, bring it back up, unfreeze and migrate to the newly
patched node, then patch the other. When he got to the unfreeze/migrate
point, both boxes panicked, but after the reset, everything was fine.
Thanks everyone.
Summary Follows:
Step 1: Swing processes over to Node 1 (away from the node you're patching) 
Begin on Node 2:
Step 2: Ensure all processes are up on the other node
Step 3: Create/Adjust /etc/vfstab files to not see any shared storage
Step 4: Bring node down to OK prompt (single user mode) 
Step 5: Boot node without the cluster (boot -xs)
Step 6: Ensure node booted without the cluster and shared storage not
Step 7: Apply Sun Recommended Patches to node and Reboot (multi-reboots
and/or OBP patches if needed too) 
Step 8: Ensure node boots ok into multi-user mode 
Step 9: Add node into Cluster Membership 
Step 10: Swing process over to Node 2 (away from Node 1) 
Step 11: Verify nothing running on Node 1 
Step 12: Verify everything is running ok on Node 2 
Step 13: Follow Steps 2 through 9 on Node 1

Thanks all,
Angelo McComis
Senior IT Consultant
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