SUMMARY: Which RAID system (S)ATA or SCSI

From: Andrew Watkins <>
Date: Wed Jul 21 2004 - 09:21:52 EDT
First sorry for the delay in sending in a summary, but we only bought the system 
in the last week, so I thought I would wait until I finally made my mined up.

My question was about buying a RAID system with SATA or SCSI disks and I had 
many replies. I will summaries the e-mail in a second, but for information I 
bought a "Infortend SCSI-SATA (A08U-G1A3)" system.	


- SCSI would be my first choice due to the fact that it is more reliable,
	better random access performance, works better when datasets are 
	bigger than the memory cache. This was backed up by e-mail response.
- A Database servers should really have SCSI disks.

- To avoid the older ATA disk which may not be around for much longer.

- 74GB SATA 10,000 rpm disks are the biggest disks you can get at the moment
	and the 10K rpm should make it perfect for our server system.
- SATA has now a longger warranty over previous disks (about 3 years).
	SCSI usually 5 years.
- Recent article in MAX PC showed that a SATA 10k rpm disk was over all
	better then a SCSI 10k rpm disk. (Workstation setup performance)

- A big difference is COST!!!!!

Thanks to:

Hendrik Visage
Alex Maddend
Mike's List
Juergen Waiblinger
Michael Horton
Octave Orgeron
David Foster
Anthony D'Atri
Ric Anderson
Ray Pengelly

Original Question:

> I am about to purchase a new server with a raid storage system and I would 
> some advice to see if there are any many problems going for (S)ATA over SCSI.
> The system is going to be small system 1 server (V240/V250/V440) and 1 RAID 
> since money is a problem I am considering a ATA system since you can get a lot 
> more storage for the money.
> My two question is there a real difference between going for a RAID box full 
> (S)ATA disks or SCSI disk. I see that rpm on SCSI are 10,000 rpm over the 
> rpm on the (S)ATA disk, but is that going to make a big difference!
> And does a fibre-channnel make a lot of difference with the above setup as it 
> is.
> Possibe Storage Solution:
> Sun StorEdge 3310	12x73GB Ultra160
> Apple XRAID 		7x250GB ATA
> EcoStor (SweetStor)	7x250GB SATA
> On our new XRAID running (RAID 5) system I get about 70M per sec 
> (machine not is use)
> % timex -p dd if=/dev/zero of=/m/disk/tmp/newBigfile1gb bs=10240 count=100000
> 100000+0 records in
> 100000+0 records out
> real       13.80
> user        0.40
> sys         9.10


Andrew Watkins
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