Solaris GUI login SUMMARY ... SUMMARY! (keyboard sends break signal)

From: Julian Grunnell <>
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 03:27:03 EDT
Thanks again to all those that replied to my previous summary. Some of
the answers rang bells with me I'd just forgotten most of them! Doh.

Anyway in answer to "why is the break signal sent when I plug /
unplugged a keyboard from my server" + how to stop it.

1) Edit /etc/default/kbd + uncomment "KEYBOARD_ABORT=disable" OR
"KEYBOARD_ABORT=alternate". The "alternate" break sequence is "~^b". A
reboot after changing this file is suggested.

2) On Sun Enterprise systems (and poss. others?) set the key position of
the server to secure to ignore the break signal when a keyboard is
plugged in / removed.

3) ** When using a dumb terminal be sure to have it powered on BEFORE
you connect it. And be sure to LEAVE it powered ON when you remove it.
Powering it ON or OFF whilst connected will send a break signal. Thanks
to Michael Horton for that snippet.

Thanks - J.

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